Saturday, 8 April 2017

Newcrest Revamped - No background houses and props UPDATED!

After 4 weeks I am ready to share this with everyone! I've always wanted an empty world without all the background clutter of EA's houses and props and now I have one! Inspired by Brennachan who started the awesome Post Apocalyptic Murkland Challenge I created Newcrest Revamped, otherwise known as Nukecrest.

This is a default world which means it WILL replace EA's Newcrest world, removing all the background houses, City Skyline, Props and some trees which I thought looked out of place. If you want the world to return to normal, just remove my files. 

I have tested it in a vanilla game as well as my current game and it will not affect the houses that EA made for your sims to live in ONLY the background houses. So if you want those houses gone you still have to bulldoze them to give you a completely empty world. This world is made for simmers who like to play in a separate save file for off the grid challenges. I would love to recolor the roads but it seems like it can not be done!

This default also affects Willow Creek and the background houses in Oasis because EA has cloned the background houses in these three worlds BUT it won't affect the other worlds. My main aim here was to open up Newcrest for the Murkland challenge.

I have tested and tested this BUT if there is any problems please let me know.

There are two folders in the download, the one (Newcrest Revamped) has seven merged package files that remove all the background houses, props etc. The other (Prop Recolors) has the recolors like the traffic lights, fire hydrant etc which I have NOT merged in case you want to remove any of them. Unzip the folders and place the files in your Documents, Electronics Arts, Mods folder.

Do not try to merge the background prop files, they are already merged!!

 I recommend using Dani-Paradise's Autumn Mod which looks incredible in Newcrest. I use it and I love it!

 I have NOT removed the props in Oasis Springs only the background houses as plasticbox over at MTS has a Mod called Empty Props-Oasis Springs which I am currently using so I don't feel it would be fair to do so.

There was an issue with a set of houses not being removed in Oasis Springs in the Arid Ridge neighborhood which I have fixed.

About the above pics, I hope I can explain this properly. Somehow this painting from the scientist microscopic collection attached itself to this venue in Newcrest, Fern Park neighborhood in the top pic.  So, when I deleted the venue the painting stayed behind and I had no choice but to remove it!  That means if you are an avid collector these set of paintings will not show.  So you have a choice of playing in an empty world or have your sim stare at a collection of paintings on the wall.  I am sorry, but there was no way around this!

I do not anticipate any other problems but if anyone notices something please let me know.
Please download the package files again and remove the old ones from your Mods folder. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Download Below:

Newcrest Revamped

Sims4Studio  I would never have been able to do this without them!
Google for images
EA for their World

Do not upload to ANY paysites
If you feel you can better this in any way please feel free to do so all I ask is that you mention me as I've worked so many hours on this project.

A special thank you to my awesome Facebook Salamanders who encouraged me when I wanted to give up on this, it took me editing nearly 300 files to accomplish this and they encouraged me to carry on. Brennachan for her awesome Post Apocalyptic Murkland challenge and my dear friend Lisa who beta tested this for me and took the time to place lots and made it look awesome!