Monday, 6 November 2017

Eighteenth Century Wooden Desk Collection

Eighteenth Century Inspiration Wooden Desk.

Eighteenth Century Wooden Mega Desk

Eighteenth Century Wooden Ornate Tressil Desk.

Eighteenth Century Wooden Single Tile Desk.

I started The Upgrowth Challenge by HollieBBTV and I needed some uniform wooden furniture to suit that era so I recolored some. I couldn't decide which I liked the best so I did quite a few.

EDIT: UPDATED for the latest 12 Dec patch!
Somehow the latest patch gave out the script call fail error. I have fixed this so please re-download the package file and copy and replace it in your Mods folder.

  • Base game required for Inspiration desk and Mega desk
  • Get Together required for Ornate Tressil desk
  • Parenthood required for Single Tile desk
  • Found in game under Surfaces, desk
  • Extract the package file and place only the package file in your Electronic Arts, Sims 4, Mods Folder


HollieBBTV for inspiration
Google for textures
Sims 4 Studio

Do not upload to ANY pay sites.
Do not claim as your own.

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