Saturday, 23 September 2017

Murkland Toddler Raccoons

  • Ever wanted to have a whole family of raccoons but couldn't because there just are NOT any in game? Well now you can!
  • Today I am SO excited to share with you Sims 4 Toddler Raccoon Costumes!  
  • During the awesome Murkland Challenge by Brennachan I realised there were no cute little  raccoons running around SO I made some!
  • Found in CAS under Full-body, they come in all the colors of their mama raccoons from EA.
  •  City Living is required for them to show in game.
  • Unzip and place only the package file in your Electronic Arts, Sims 4, Mods folder.
  • I have tested and tested these in game and literally put them under a microscope to insure they are fine but if you have any problems please leave a comment.
  • Kids raccoon outfit will be uploaded tomorrow.


Murkland Toddler Raccoons


Sims 4 Studio
A huge thank you to Andrew and Feyona over st S4S for helping me with this.
Brennachan for her amazing Murkland Challenge

Do not upload to ANY pay sites.
Recolor is welcome but do not upload my mesh with your recolor.


  1. If you've got Mutant Raccoons, you Must have Mutant Raccoon babies! Wonderful job!