Sunday, 24 September 2017

Murkland Kids Raccoon Costume

  • Well, I couldn't leave the kids out of the family SO I made some costumes for them too.
  • Now you can have a whole raccoon family complete from mama, papa, kid and toddler and believe me if I could have done the newborns too I would have!
  • Found in CAS under full body. 
  • City Living is required for this to work in your game. Unzip and place only the package file in your Electronic Arts, Sims 4, Mods folder.
  • They have been play tested but if you have any problems drop me a comment.


Kids Raccoon Costume

Sims 4 Studio
EA Mesh
Murkland Challenge 2 created by Brennachan for inspiration and her amazing raccoon gang

Do not upload to any paysites
Recolor is welcome but do not include my mesh with your upload

1 comment:

  1. Again, if you have Mutant Raccoons, you need to have Mutant Raccoon kids!
    Great job! Wonder why EA didn't think of this? Doesn't matter, you did!