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Sims 4 Recoloring Tutorial Part 2


1.  Navigate to the folder where you saved your files for this project.
2.  Right click on the original image for the planter texture and chose Edit with Gimp.

3.  In GIMP select File, Open as Layers.

4.  Select the Planter Box Mesh UV that you saved in Blender.
5.  Double Click on it and it will open.

6.  It should look like the above pic with lines on it. Also notice to  the left a new layer has been created.

7.  Go to the layers window on the right.
8.  Close the original layer.

9.  It should look like the above pic. Transparent and have lines all over it.

10.  Select the eraser tool and delete the lines. Make sure you are working on the Layer you imported from Blender.
The reason I do this is that sometimes you want to keep a detail of EA's texture and then you can play around with the transparency of your texture and if you don't erase the lines they will show through.


11. Navigate to your folder with your texture images in.
12.  Right click on a texture and chose Edit with GIMP.

13.  Unhide the original Layer and take note in which direction EA's wood grain lies, that is if you want to use a wood texture.

14.  Open your chosen texture in GIMP and using the clone tool, hover over an area you would like to clone and Ctrl and click.

15.  Then go to your image you are recoloring and paint over the chosen area with your clone brush till you get the effect you like.

16.  Un-hide the original Layer and right click, File, Export as....

17.  Save your texture under a different name and Export.

18.  You should have Sims4Studio minimized. Now click on it to bring it up.
19.  Make sure you have the texture tab selected.
20.  Click Import.

21.  Studio will open up the folder where you saved all your files for this project.
22.  Select the image you exported from GIMP.

23.  And BOOM, you are halfway to completing your first recolor!

24.  Keep going back to your image in GIMP until you have colored in the whole thing.

25.  The reason I do it in stages besides it being the professional,neat way lol is that the separate pieces can lay in different directions as I mentioned with the wood grain.

By doing it this way you can keep track of your progress in Sims4Studio so if you don't like how something looks simply go back to GIMP and undo your last step.

26.  Above pic is with the second pieces (the sides of the planter) done.

27.  If I'm not sure which section is what on the object I just use a plain color and then Import it into Studio then I can see what goes where.

28.  The final product!

29.  Click Save and your'e done. I would recommend saving your package a lot during the whole process cause you never know what can happen.

30.  About swatches. 

31.  If you want more than one swatch in your package file simply 
       click on the next swatch and redo the steps we've just done.

32.  If you don't want anymore swatches then just click on the
          swatch box above and click Remove Swatch.

       Make sure you are on the correct swatch otherwise you will delete the one you don't want to.

Finished Planter Box in game



I think I have covered everything in this section.
Don't be scared to play around with Sims4Studio. You cannot create bad CC as Studio will not save your package if you have done something that drastic that would break your game lol.

I do apologize for the images being so small but could not figure out how else to upload them. If it is really a problem and you cannot read them then I will make a plan. If you click on the images they are enlarged.

I found the easiest way to follow a tutorial was to do it while I had the tutorial open in my browser and then just follow a step and minimize etc.

I hope you will find this helpful. I would love to see some of your creations.

Google for the textures

Do not claim as your own.

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