Sunday, 23 April 2017

Sims 4 Recoloring Tutorial Part 1

Preparing your package to be recolored. 

I've been wanting to make a recolor tutorial for ages so here goes. I will try to explain this as best I can.

To start off you obviously need the latest version of Sims4Studio (you will have to register there and if you have any problems installing it they have a help thread section) and a photo editor of your choice. I will be using Gimp and Blender . (Make sure you use v2.70)

I have tried to cover the instructions on using Gimp but you need a bit of knowledge on how to use it. There are many helpful tutorials out there.

1. Open up Sims4Studio.

2. If it's your first time installing you will have to type in your 
    creator name. (How cool is that!)

3. Make sure Standalone Recolor under Objects is checked.

4. Click on Objects.

5. Scroll until you find the Garden Planter which I've chosen for this tutorial.

6. Click on it then click Next.

7. Navigate to your desktop folder where you will be saving your files for this project.

8. Name your package then click Save.

9. Click Export.

10. A popup will open the folder you chose to save all your files in for this project.

11. Name your package and click Save.

12. You should see this.

13. Close it, we will come back to it later.

Next we will use Blender. This is optional but I find it helps with recoloring the texture in Gimp.

14.  Click on the Meshes tab in Sims4Studio found next to the Texture tab.

15.  Click on  Export Mesh.

 16.  Name your mesh and click Save.

17.  It will take awhile for studio to export the mesh.

18.  Studio will open your project folder. 

19.  Click on your exported mesh.

Do NOT close Sims4Studio!

20.  Your mesh will open in Blender.

21.  If you right click on the object, blender will highlight it on the right.  This object is called s4studio_mesh_2.  If it is not     
highlighted, click on it.

22.  Next to s4studio_mesh_2 you will see a symbol that looks like a triangle. Click on it.

23.  Your object will now have black lines over it.  You are now in edit mode.

24.  Hover your mouse over the line where the red dot is.  If you hold your cursor down on the line by the red arrow you will be able to drag and expand the window.

25.  Click on the icon by my arrow that looks like a white box with an arrow in it.

26.  You will then see your UV map. 

27.  But its square so we need to match it up to the planters UV which is rectangle otherwise your recolors wont match and you will have soil where your planters sides should be etc...

28.  Hover your cursor over the first window box on the left.

29.  Select A on your keyboard.

30.  This will highlight all the parts of your UV at once.

28.  Click on the small icon next to the word Uvs, a box will pop 

29.  Click on the bottom diffuse 002.

30.  You will now see your square UV will be replaced with the planter box rectangle UV.  So you can now see that all your parts will be in their correct positions when you use this UV to recolor.

31.  Click on the UVs tab by the arrow.

32.  A pop up will appear then click ExportUV Layout.

33.  This will open another window. Take note of where Blender will save it but by default it should save it to your folder where
you saved all your files for this project.

34.  Enter and it will take you back to your Blender project.

35.  Close Blender.

You are now ready to recolor your object in Gimp. 

This will continue in Part 2 of my tutorial.
 I hope I have not made this too complicated. If you need any help please let me know. 


  1. Thanks for doing this! I plan to give it a try. It looks pretty straight forward so far. Nice job. (This is Beth from FB, BTW)

    1. Thank you Beth. Hope it helps! You are welcome. ☺

  2. I'm having trouble with this part;"Hover your cursor over the first window box on the left." Although I was still able to continue with the tutorial, so far. On to Part 2!

  3. A bit difficult to explain. If you look in your UV window in Blender. At the top right corner under Scenes, next to Tools there are lines. If you click on those they enable you to drag and open up the UV window. Hope this helps.

  4. Oh, so that line was just explaining how to drag the windows to make them smaller or larger!
    I racked my brain over that one, but kept going and as you saw on FB I was able to complete a planter following your tutorial. (QTBrniis) D'oh!

  5. Oh my gosh Thanks so much for this tutorial dear! Helps out a lot!