Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Plant Sim Magic Bean Tree Override

I've recolored the Magic Bean Tree and stump to make it look more realistic.  You will find it in Decorations/Misc.

I've made it buy-able so delete the one you got in your inventory and simply buy another one and place it on your lot. Then add the magic beans, water and stand back and be amazed.

This is a DEFAULT OVERRIDE so it WILL replace EA's tree in your game. I have made one with green leaves as the purple just doesn't do it for me BUT I've also made a purple one for those who do like it. You can only have ONE package file at a time in your game, so choose either the green leaves or the purple with the bean tree stump recolor.
Unzip the package file and place the tree stump package file with the tree color of your choice package file  in your Electronic Arts, Documents, Sims 4, Mods folder.


 Plant Sim Magic Bean Tree Override

Google for images

Do not upload to ANY pay sites.

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