Friday, 28 April 2017

Murky Shelter

I converted the Sims 3 World Adventures Tent and then got this idea, so I played around with the mesh and came up with this. A Murky shelter for your sims!

There are 4 swatches, I had to stop myself cause the texture combos are endless. I couldn't resist but to add one made of cardboard boxes!

Outdoor Retreat is required for the mesh to work. Four swatches. Found in Activities and Skills, Miscellaneous. As shown in the images you can place decor inside the shelter BUT you cannot pick them up if you want to change them, you WILL have to delete your shelter and replace it with an empty one!

Functions as a normal tent. You won't see your sim as they disappear into dreamland. Can do all the interactions a normal tent would do.  Unzip and place package file in your Electronics Arts, Sims 4, Mods folder.

DOWNLOAD HERE:   Murky Shelter

Google for images
EA Mesh

Do not upload to ANY paysites
Do not copy and claim as your own
Recolor allowed